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We may take photos and videos during our events, and later use them for promotional purposes. By participating or attending at our events, you agree that you may appear in some of these photos and videos, and you authorize their use in this fashion. On the flip side, if you take any photos or videos of attendees at our events and provide them to us, you authorize us to use them in the same fashion, and represent that the attendees that appear in your photos and videos have also consented to such use.

Stem van de Nacht

We believe art inspires people.

Young people go to galleries and museums less than they used to, although their interest in art is still as strong as ever. Research shows that they do appreciate and value art, but there appears to be a barrier when it comes to accessibility. We aim to change this, so people can find inspiration in art again.


ODAM is one of the leading interdisciplinary culture festivals of the Netherlands. By connecting established cultural institutions with creatives, we are the go-to platform for young creators to present their projects to the general public with complete artistic freedom.


Fuck You White Paper is SVDN’s primary nightlife concept. By adding enhancing craftworks to clubs, concerts and festivals we integrate art with nightlife, resulting in a new layer of nightlife culture.



Every now and then we get invited by other organizations to create additional art experiences at their event or venue. In the past year we have collaborated with parties such as Volkshotel, Georgie’s Wundergarten and BAUT.

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